Power ambition and willing to kill the Oromo youth The case of Dr. Mitiku Tesso


By Rundassa Eshete

Mitiku TessoFired by the opportunity of making money and with the dream to become an ambassador, Dr. Mitiku Tesso’s ugly arrogance is getting out of control. Recently, the Oromo youth/the Oromo people have been fighting the Tigre colonial force in Oromia and this revolutionary movement is taking place at breathtaking speed creating a heart-stopping moment for the Tigre colonizers.  As a result, the Tigre rulers have reversed their master plan deal, even recognized the fact that they are wrong for down playing the unique rights that the Oromo people have on Finfinnee city.

Mean while, Dr. Mitiku Tesso, a man who dreams to become Ethiopia’s ambassadar is sniffing around for a crumb of power that he dreams to have thinking that the Tigreans will stay in power for ever. Of course, Mitiku Tesso have made lots of money, he bought a house in Minnesota of USA, where his kids currently live and go to school. He had built nice vilas in Finfinnee and it\’s surrounding areas.  As if this is not enough, Dr. Mitiku Tesso further dreams to share Abay Tahayye’s last supper, not knowing that the Tigre colonial era is nearing.  To appease his Tigre masters and get his dream job of becoming the next Ethiopia’s ambassador, he willingly invited the Agazi army to Ambo university, Awaaroo branch and let them beat the students indiscriminately and destroy dormitories. Prior to inviting the Tigre butchers to come and murder the students, he told the the Oromo students to leave the university or else face sever punishment. This was done on Sunday afternoon Mitiku gathered students and gave them an order that failed. Instead of leaving the campus, the students asked him to tell the Tigre army to leave the compound. But Mitiku told the students to leave instead.  Like many Tigreans little Chiwawaa Dogs in Oromia do, Dr. Mitiku Tesso saw ordering the Tigre army to come and perform it’s mass killing practice as a solution. That has been what those small OPDO rats such as Muktar and Aster Mamo have been doing and now this guy is swim against the current of the Oromo revolution this time when the majority OPDO members are turning against the colonizing Tigre tribe.

Obviously, for political prostitutes, the death of 86 and imprisonment of over 100,000 Oromians is nothing. Rather, wiggle his way up the ladder of the Ambassadorial position is his life dream. Nonetheless, nothing will ever stop people\’s revolution.  Our people have promised that they will fight the Tigre colonialism forever till the end.  Mitiku thought that the Oromo people will remain buried in the Tigre colonial shame, yet he failed to notice that the Oromo people are standing to our feet and try again and again until the Tigre tribal rule is crashed.  Yes, the Agazi army upon whom Mitiku relies have cold heart and harsh attitude.  Even then, the Oromo people will march out of the darkness and never again let themselves fall astray.  We will continue walking with our head held high for we will never accept defeat.  That is what the Oromo youth who faced off the Agazi army with a single stick in their hands said.   This is the promise of those kids who lie bleeding with their fragile heart tossed upon the ground.  Even them remained positive about winning the liberation battle against the Tigre colonialism.

Many days and years have been lost thanks to the colonialist Chiwawa Dogs among us but there is no going back any more. Even then, selfish men like Dr. Mitiku Tesso may try to take advantage of the death and suffering of poor Oromo youth in order to give better opportunity to their own children.  Yes, the political prostitutes may think that they could capture another opportunity following the political custom common among the Abyssinians but they often forget that they will never be able to extend  their aging life even if they make billion dollars more. Most importantly, the situation that the Oromo youth have created will not allow the opportunists to shovel the Oromo youth blood into their large bellies any more.  There are no more dream to capture at the cost of poor Oromo blood. Hence, Mitiku Tesso need to leave alone the Oromo youth and find ways how to protect the wealth he had accumulated by robbing the Ambo Oromians.

If nothing else, Mitiku Tesso need to remember how his own poor Oromo parents raised him. His parents didn’t have to kill any one inorder to send him to school. They rather burned Laaftoo trees to make coal and sold it, made money and paid for his education.  Or, they probably made pots out of clay and sold it along some cow manure and paid for his school. Now Mitiku has developed extreme emotional attachment to the dream of becoming an ambassador without pondering on the idea that there is evil in his dream of becoming this pivotal figure at this stage of his life. To begin with, he is about to pass through a doorway into another level of existence and what should be most important to him shouldn’t to become an ambassador at the cost of the Oromo youth life. If I were him, I would worry about the legacy I am leaving behind.  Dr. Mitiku need to realize that he is standing between past and future at this moment.  If he is afraid to recall his memories of the past, of course future dreams will overshadow his decisions of today. One way or the other, there is an end to life and Dr. Mitiku shouldn’t forget that some day he would succumbed into cancer and kidney failure and die even if he becomes an ambassador.

Rundassa Eshete


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