Announcement from Robe Media Network (RMN), a call for thought


Robe Media logoPlease send us you ideas in the form of manuscript, we accept the Analysis,  News, Cultural view points, Commentary and any idea you may have that target the people of Ethiopia in particular and the world community in general. The editorial board will accept your thought in three languages, Afaan Oromoo, Amharic and English.

Please don’t hesitate to contribute your thought, let us forge together to abolish the hegemonic dictatorship in Ethiopia  and look forward to establish a democratic, free and prosperous  society in the country. Our cumulative effort will bring the necessary changes.

We have seen a horror of 21 century when the  government dispatched more than 150,000 command military forces that mercilessly have killed, rapped  and committed genocide in Oromia in the past two months. Ethiopian people deserve more than TPLF apartheid system.

We, the citizen of the world, reject Tigray Ethinofascist agenda to suppress the voice of the people with the barrel of gun. Let us bring the necessary change! Let us work toward a democratic and prosperous nation, our society had enough!

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