UOEC Pastors and partners visited US State Department and US Congress


oromo pastorsJanuary 14 & 15, 2016:UOEC pastors and partners, led by UOEC president Rev. Dr. Gemechu Olana visited the US State Department and US House of representatives  to express their concern how the Ethiopian Government is handling the Oromo Student protest and unlawful dentations of opposition leaders and journalist in Ethiopia. The delegation also visited the Ethiopian Ambassador, Ambassador Girma Birru, and to express their concerns and urged the Ethiopian Government to utilize its power to respect and protect the constitutional rights of the students and all concerned citizens to express their concerns and engage in the political process freely and without fear. The full statement of the union on the situation is linked here UOEC-Statmen-_on-Ethiopian-governmet_action_against_Oromo_students


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