Why TPLF regime is killing the citizen like the DERG regime?


Oromo protests 2015

Why TPLF is still killing the citizen in 21st century? It has been estimated that the DERG killed a half a million people during the cold war era. The TPLF hegemonic government behave the same way in this modern era. I don’t understand how a human being become an a beast to full fill their insatiable proclivity toward the resources. As a human being we come empty to this world and we will go naked after living 30 or 60 years? It doesn’t matter we have a single life, why you kill just to fill your belly? Please forward your thought and idea if you get a justification for the TPLF regime? It is about time, they will face justice!


  1. Don’t forget they come form the forest, they never had such luxury in their life time and they don’t want to miss it.


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