Oromo resistance against TPLF fascism and the involvement of other nation states

Featured Gada Tola, Hararaya university lecturer abducted by the TPLF fascist group since December 2015.

Oromo people aggressively pushing the libration from TPLF fascism in Ethiopia. The current struggle has been started in mid November 2015 and still ongoing in the entire Oromia. The people are determined more than ever, and the fascist group continue killing, rapping, abducting and mass jailing. The group killed at least 200 Oromo from all walks of life: farmers, teachers, students, kids, house moms, and city dwellers; rapped collage girls, unheard of in Ethiopian conservative culture. They injured thousands and jailed countless, but the people become fearless against fascism. More than 50,000 elite Agazi army have been dispatched in entire Oromia to terrorise the people, but it never worked. Last week the group passed a law to prohibit Oromia licensed plate not to enter Addis Ababa/ Finfinnee. Imagine, Tigray , Amhara, Southern, Afar etc. plated cars haven’t prohibited to entire the city but Oromia. But, look what happened, the Tulma people from Ambo lined 250 cars and went to Addis Ababa last week and reversed the disrespectful law the Tigray fascist group passed. That said, a lot of people is keep asking one question, why other nations isn’t joining the struggle against TPLF fascism in a more meaningful ways similar to the Oromo people?

Before addressing this question let me share what my colleague told me about TPLF fascist group last week. Soon after they came to power in 1991, they started looting  the resource from Oromia and other part of the country and started shipping to Tigray. One instance my colleague mentioned was,  this fascist group  took the red chair from DERGESAPA office in Goba town, Bale, Oromia. Imagine uprooting a fixed chair that was established with the building design and shipping them to Mekele? after people start noticing it on the main road they built a road from Djibouti to Tigray in the middle of nowhere in the desert of Afar. Guess what, Only TPLF licensed vehicles are allowed to travel on this route.What the purpose of this road you might ask? To continue looting countries resource without any reservation. So let me come to my point, why the first militarized state, Afar  didn’t took action on the looting route? Why the Afar farmers keep quite? why the Afar didn’t follow oromia fearless courage to resist fascism? We may ask the same question for Amhara? Gambella? Southern?

This is not to mean, these are taciturn states. There are a pocket of resistance here and there, what people asking is lack of statewide resistance against fascism similar to Oromia. Different people raise different hypotheses, one of them that shines out is luck of on the ground organization in these states that are capable to mobilize  resistance against fascism. Oromia students have started resistance against the fascism since 1998 and through time regroup themselves to successfully mobilize state wide resistance against TPLF. The second hypothesis is Oromo people hasn’t nationalize the question. What do you think? have your say.

Down with TPLF fascism! Power to the people!


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