Breaking News-Update in Oromo people avenge against Agazi Rapists and killers

Some details about what sparked the latest protest in West Arsi. On Friday evening, there was a wedding party heading to the grooms home after taking the bride. The bus they were traveling on was playing Haacaalu Hundessaa’s and Caalaa Bultume’s songs. Agazi soldiers stopped the bus and told them not to play the music. The party told them this is a wedding and playing music in the confines of their rented bus is their right. The driver decided to drive away to defuse the tension. The soldiers responded by opening fire on the bus hitting 4 people identified as Jannu Tashitaa, Shumi Nagesso,Roobaa Jiloo & Habtamu Fayyissa.

Villagers began protesting the same night and protest covered Shalla, Siraro and Shashemene towns. This morning, Agazi soldiers arrested two people identified as ( Filica Wariyo & Ushexo Nagesso) and executed them. In response local government militia ( tataki) overwhelmed Agazi unit, disarmed them. When reinforcement arrived, militia attacked them killing 11 Agazi on spot ( number dead Agazi’s is reported to be 11 but have not been confirmed )

The regime’s dogs are trying to spin as if a Church was attacked. What they do not know is these civilian victims of Agazi themselves are mostly Christian Oromos. The people have no reason to target church or mosque to avenge a killing committed by Agazi.

Power for the Oromo People!


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