It took Oromia 25 years to unmask TPLF fascism, Oromia offcially under Tigre TPLF colony


Oromia become officially under Tigre TPLF military rule starting from yesterday. They declared to rule the people under eight Tigre generals according to the leaked information reported by Oromia Media Network. It is good now, the war is between the people and TPLF fascist group. The struggle officially unmasked the coverup TPLF used for the past 25 years.

Now, it is obvious, TPLF want to use its last measure to secure its economic base, Oromia. But , the people are ready for change, no force seems to deter this ambition. We will fight the fascism unanimously, it is a disrespect for a greater nation and greater people to be under the minority Tigray army colony. Oromo has to defend itself no matter what. It shame to all of us! we endured the minority apartheid under the guise of OPDO, now OPDO is out of equation. Our enemy is crustal clear.

Oromia officially under Tigre TPLF military colony! February 26, 2016. The Oromo Freedom struggle unmasked TPLF apartheid, OPDO becomes out of equation. Let us defend ourselves folks! Power to the people!


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