Oromo should fight TPLF fascism in unison!


The Tigray dominated regime in Ethiopia has abused the Oromo people since 1991. Our people endured immeasurable abuses in the name of OLF. According to the Human Right Report of 2016, the Tigray dominated regime in Ethiopia has set  a policy to kill all Oromo intellectuals, farmers, students, teachers, engineers and all individuals who strives to work for the well being of their society. Why the Tigray elites decided to undermine and set a policy to abuse  the Oromo’s? are we the enemy of Tigray people? That is the kind of question that ordinary Oromo asks everyday.

I don’t know how many Oromo lives in Tigray state, but I guess it would be minuscule. Most Tigre comes to Oromia to rob and establish the greater Tigray. I don’t think there is animosity between the Tigray famers and Oromo farmers. But the Tigray elites are the minority in the country, and always scare their shadow everyday. Since Oromia is a great nation with a majority people in the country, the TPLFits thought Oromo has to be subjugated to secure their interest in the entire country. I mate  a few individuals from Tigray who dream to lead the country for the next 1000 years. I don’t know how they come to this kind of childish mindset. Ethiopia people are a great people, at the end they will sort out to decided the death penalty on Tigray fascism.

I am glad the Oromo freedom fighters have paid a huge sacrifice to brought the nation to the current status. Now, Oromo and Oromia has a bright future. We will cary the torch forward to librate the country once for all. We are ready to abolish Tigray fascism once for all. We know what subjugation mean in the country, and I am sure the people are ready to stop the worst regime track record and take the country to the better stage. A lot of Oromo paid a huge price in the past four months, hundreds  have been  died, thousands  have been wounded with a life bullet, and thousand jailed. I don’t know how many rapped by the Agazi paramilitary army. But I am sure the people will abolish Tigray hegemony and establish an emerging democratic political order in the country.

This week, the Tigray TPLF party decided to totally lead  Oromo people using eight Tigre generals under military order. I doubt they will succeed to subjugate 45 million Oromo people even if they arm 6 million Tigray people.

I am glad, the struggle undressed Tigray apartheid and they boldly announced to lead the people with the army. Now it is clear, we have to fight our enemy in unison to keep our dignity. Oromo comes a huge way, now no one will stop our people interest. As a people we have a political, economic and social interest.

To my people: let us join hand in hand and fight the 21st century fascism. It is a disgrace to all of us to be abused by minority regime in this era. We have to devise and design different struggle tactics to win the Tigray TPLF fascism. They are armed, we are not. But we have to gradually think to arm ourselves. We have to come to a stage when we have to start to kill our enemy.

For sure, the days when Tigre elite displace the Oromo farmers and sales their land are over! Now we have to stop the killing and the abuse and live a peaceful life on our beloved land. IT IS GOOD OPDO IS OUT OF THE EQUATION NOW! Oromo should have to fight the TPLF fascism in unison! Trust me, we will win!

Power to the people! death to Tigray TPLF fascism!



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