All public transportation in Ethiopia have gone on strike against TPLF fascism, 1974 history is repeating itself!


“Ethiopia History of 1974 repeating itself? Back then first students articulated ‘land for tiller’ and ignited the fire. The farmers began fighting to regain their land. Then taxi drivers started striking. Then the workers, soon the military… Notice the trend?” (Jawar Mohammed, Feb 29, 2016)

To all citizens in Ethiopia:Let us stand together and abolish the worst domestic TPLF fascism in our life time! This is the time to act together and use all our leverages to bring the so called TPLF stooges in its knee. Let  the so called federal government  (TPLF) knows how the gun never win the people struggle. I am proud of all of you who participate in this struggle.

Recommendation to coordinators: The TPLF fascist group may use different tactics to scare you, but that doesn’t have any impact on the collective strike. There is no time in history where the fascist won the people strike and TPLF fascism is not unique. You will win!!

Power to the people!


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