Cascading citizen questions against 21 century TPLF fascism in Ethiopia


Why dictators always undermine the citizen? I am always question the information processing route of dictators? It seems all have some common characteristics.They all think gun is a solution to subjugate the citizen.

They all think gun is a solution to subjugate the citizen.

But it never works, at the end all of them failed and through to jail or killed. The TPLF fascism is long overdue. People from all walks of life in the country have started raising different questions collectively.

Imagine what the TPLF government did after they  took  power in 1991. They gradually expunge all social institution to deter collective question. Unfortunately, the citizens comes to their sense and start to act collectively against TPLF fascism. The current public transport  strike is one of its kind. Let us encourage the civil servant to strike collectively too. The citizens s a huge stress due to inflation. This all is attributed due to TPLF fascism.

Let us say “NO” to Agazi paramilitary occupation of Afar, Gambella, Ogaden and Oromia!


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