Factor that is exacerbating the Ethiopian political crisis


By Jawar Mohammed

One factor that is exacerbating the Ethiopian political crisis is that the system leaderless. The country is de jure led by an utterly incompetent, naive and powerless prime minister. He lacks basic understanding of the complex nature of the countries politics and he is not given high level security information and his plans and orders are regularly pushed aside. Making things further complicated is de facto power rests at the hands of over a dozen leaderless, rival Tigrean strong men who are acting in unplanned, disorganized and competing manner.

This headless pack of gang is easy to fight yet dangerous because of unpredictability of their uncoordinated and conflicting actions. Some are calling for negotiated settlement. But who in TPLF has full authority or power to be considered by the opposition as credible party to the table? No one. TPLF is officially chaired by Abay Woldu. Yet the guy has no control even over the Tigray region he is presiding over. His rivals, who almost removed him from chairmanship in the last party congress, regularly undermine his rule in the region. At federal level, officially, the highest ranking TPLFite is Debretsion Gebreamlak who is deputy PM. He is some sort old school geeky spy who lacks the charisma or even the will to assert his authority. A couple of his public appearances have been embarrassing forcing him to crawl back to his hiding. Among the old school Abay Tsehaye is the noisy one. His effort to fill in Meles’ place as the strongman has been shut down due to his debacle in dealing with #OromoProtests. The aristocratic Sebahat Nega , the aristocratic powerbreaker, is now a senile drunkard whom no one listens to. The list goes on.

As I said above these leaderless and aimless pack of thieves is easy to fight. Busy fighting each other and looting the country they are not even seeing as they are running out of time. Their days are numbered. What should concern those seeking change now is to ensure these guys don’t bring the country down with them. To ensure democracy, rule of law and equality grows on the ashes of the regime, TPLF’s finale need to be meticulously planned, the tumultuous period of transition need to be charted advance and in as much detail as possible.


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