Resistance against TPLF Naziest fascism group is ongoing in Bushoftu, Oromia, April 1, 2016


Resistance against the worst TPLF Naziest fascist group on going at Bushoftu. Tigre Agazi continue killing, rapping and collecting the Oromo’s into the concentration camp. The Naziest Agazi paramilitary army used all techniques to terrorize the people for the past 5 months, unfortunately the citizens have continued to resist fascism at all cost. The people have no other choice except to resist the fascism of our life time. Most schools have been closed in the entire Oromia, the family don’t want to send its own children for the Agazi to rape. To secure their safety the students and families have decided to resist fascism and abolish it before the comeback to their routines. Today, the students and citizens at Bushoftuu, Oromia took the matter on their hand and continued to resist the fascist group.

Victory to the freedom fighters!


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