Jawar Mohammed and Muluken on Hibir Radio #OromoProtests and #AmharaProtests

Robe Media Network (RMN): We know that why 2 million Amharas were lost during the past Ethiopian population Census. They were counted as Tigre! hmmmmmm Now it is the time when Amhara will be challenged. Are you going to give Welkait Tsegede to Tigray?  it is obvious the Gonder people returned the assassins of Abey Woldu from Tigray, this wasn’t enough. Don’t forget #OromoProtests always with you to resist Tigray fascism, we don’t allow Tigray fascist  to Tigranize Welkait people by force. Please defend your interests. This is about identity, about who the Walkait Tsegede people are, they call themselves Begemeder Gondare’s!. Defend your interest. You may recall, the Tigray fascist like Abey Tsahaye vowed to abolish over 2 millions Oromo farmers and Tigranize the area around Finfine, but Oromo resisted in Unison, from south to North from East to West to protect its own interest. We lost thousands, don’t forget it is a struggle!!!
(RMN) #OromoProtests is a precursor of #AmharaProtests


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