Psychopathic Somali Regional State President Abdi Mohamud Omer aka. Abdi Illey executed a young man named Faysal Muhumed Omer


(Source: Jawar Mohammed) The Somali Regional State President Abdi Mohamud Omer today executed my younger brother Faysal Muhumed Omer (36). But much worse is the physical and mental situation of my 70 years old father Muhumed Omer Dubad who is tortured beyond belief and saw his own son being thrown from a speeding car to his death. Although the President ordered the death, I have the names of the three other people who planned and executed this horrific and unimaginable killing:

1. Khadar Abdi, the President’s brother in law and a top bigwig in the regional state and ruling party

2. Ibrahim Mahamud Mubark, a close member of my own family but currently serving as the deputy chief of regional security office. The real shame is this is a man who my father considered his own son and has been like that the last time I know. I don’t think he hates my family. I just think he likes his current job more.

3. Mahad Khalif, the man who was passing the message from the President to me. Also a close cousin. His last threat was two days ago when he told me that if I don’t do what the President asks me to do, my sisters will be raped after my brother and father are killed. The irony is my sister is also his sister. He is not a cruel man; just someone who accepted injustice and killings as normal.

My brother is not killed because I oppose the government (which by the way is my constitutional right) and in any case my opposition should not lead my family members to death. This death is ordered to prove a point: Abdi Mohamud Omer is the most powerful person in Ethiopia and nobody can save anyone he doesn’t like. As I promised I will not rest one day before I get justice for my family but more importantly for the thousands of people suffering like me but lack the strength to say no to injustice.

I repeat again this death won’t be the last one I hear. The Ethiopian Federal Government is either encouraging these killings or has no power to stop it. I refuse to believe the latter but the dead body of my brother is making me think about it twice.

I just hope and pray that my personal tragedy and that of my family and the blood of my brother will lead to a better situation for the abused and oppressed people of the Somali Regional State.

I will be posting a video later this evening when the funeral is finalized to give details of how this death came about (although more worse things are happening to thousands of people who are crying silently). I know this maybe the first death (not the last) because today the President gave me an ultimatum of 24 hours to either apologize and call him or to collect the next dead family member. The answer is simple. I say no to blackmail. I say no to injustice. I say no to impunity. I say no to indignity. Every cruel action that befalls on my family (and I don’t mean the little things like the eviction of my sister from my house where she was living, the threat to demolish it, the confiscation of my two trucks,etc) will only strengthen my resolve and belief that I am doing the right thing by standing up to a psychopathic killer who even his wife cannot stop.

I am not angry with him. He is a victim too. I am angry and will fight those who imposed a mentally sick person as a leader on 6 million people as if we all somalis are some sick mental institution and we need a crazy guardian.

Allah yarham brother. You know how much I love you. All I can do is take care of your children and family if they also survive this madness.


  1. We say no to injustice! We say no to fascism! We say no to abuse! We say no to terrorism! Join Oromo struggle! we will librate the country!


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