The Ethiopian Draft State of Emergency did not pass


The Draft SOE did not pass. How? Legal Analysis by
Tsegaye Ararssa

The Draft SOE proclamation has NOT passed even by the regime’s count. From the statement made on the Parliamentary floor by the Speaker Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa, the bill is supported by 346 members out of the current 539 MPs. Evidently, the number of votes required are 359.333 out of the 539; or 364.6 out of the total 547. Mathematics does not lie. Abbaa Duulaa did, although not for the first time.

And yet, Abbaa Duulaa says the SOE has passed when they all know they didn’t have the numbers.

Again, passed or not passed, it is inconsequential to the struggle. The country has made it clear that they will not accept SOE. Now their own parliament has rejected it.

The resistance continues.


According to Art 93(2), it ought to be calculated from all the MPs because it stipulates that it should be “approved by a two-thirds majority vote of members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.”

But the total number of members of the parliament are 547. The current members are 539. 2/3rd of 547 is 364.666. 2/3rd of 539 is 359. 3333. From whichever you calculate it, the required 2/3rd majority is not there as they got only 346.

Ways of TPLF parliament member vote rigging technique (shame!!)

TPLF parliament shame while the SOE rejected!!! No state of emergency!


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