Naftagna media (ethio360) and call for red terror in Somali regional state

Ermias Legesse

The Ethio 360 media states that the Somali people don’t deserve democratic right, and President Mustafa Omer should conduct red terror like Colonel Mangistu Hailameriam to sustain the Empire. This is the people who call for Ethiopian unity under the disguise of neo-neftagna mentality. Who will buy this kind of rubbish and childish call, if President Mustafa Omer believe what they say, the Somali people should despise him and reject his leadership as soon as possible. I said “if”, I don’t think he believes like these “so called journalist” on the neo-naftagna media (ethio360).

Listen the following audio and judge yourself! To save your time and avoid the crap argument, go to the 55 min part and listen the next three minutes.


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