Grade 12 National Exam Cancelled!! Part of Oromo struggle!

Grade 12 National Exam Cancelled which was supposed to be held from Monday up to Thursday was cancelled amid reports of exam theft. Sunday night EBC denounced the rumors of exam theft as baseless despite the exam for English and Math were posted on facebook. Ministry of Education apologized these morning after confirming the English exam code 12 was stolen...

Machara, Oromia come out in thousands after massacre, defy TPLF fascism

TPLF thought it could force people of Machara to submit by killing 4 protesters and wounding 27. But it ended up bringing out tens of thousands. This video shows the rally after they buried their fallen protesters at the same graveyard.

Erga hoomii Ergaa hoomii salalee dhiiraa gabarree? Jettii ijoleen Agarii tulluu!

Erga hoolaa Qaallee mataa gnaachuu baree, Erga hoomii  ergaa hoomii salalee dhiiraa gabarree? Jettii ijoolleen Agarii Tulluu!