In Ethiopia, anger over corruption and farmland development runs deep

(The Gardian) Despite the government ending plans to build on Oromo land around the capital, clashes continue, as lack of transparency and maladministration fuel dissent Two years ago, on the edge of Chitu in Ethiopia’s unsettled Oromia region, local officials told Chamara Mamoye his farmland might be developed when the small town expanded. He hasn’t heard anything since. “Losing the land...

TPLF Crime Against Humanity

MUST-READ | Overview: Oromo Protests and State/Government Terrorism in Ethiopia

(Gadaa) The following is an overview of the Oromo Protests and the state terrorism that they continue to face and aspire to triumph over. An accompanying 1-pager of the document can be found here (click here); Diaspora solidarity rally goers in particular, and other peace and human rights activists in general, can print and distribute this 1-pager to their...